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Making our house a home.

Growing Pains

When we purchased “The Cliffs at Hakalau”, the garden and homes were in disrepair and had been neglected for some time. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn't properly maintain the property. We were surprised to find so many things that needed to be repaired!  Many, many hours have since been spent addressing deferred maintenance items to bring the home back to its rightful glory.  It has been a long and exhausting process, but truly a labor of love.  Each time we finish a project, the home seems to whisper "Thank You" to us.

See the entire process 

Cleaning & Planting around the home


Edging all the walkways

Taming excess Plants & Trees

Removing trees with 20 foot long roots from the gutters!


Time for a stump grinder, with some company from Mom

Invasive & overgrown Monstera plants must go

Eve & Allan painting the living room


Allan & Mike painting the deck

More is still to come.... follow along for all of our updates!

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