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Unique Experience

Spiritual Healing


Hakalau, HI, USA

Meet Craig Allen, a very special friend and talented psychic medium.

Spiritual Healing

Craig is a very special and talented psychic medium. During our time on the island, random people would talk about this person somewhere on the island that was very gifted in “seeing things.” I was VERY curious and would ask more about how I could find him. I didn’t get a chance to speak with him until I was back on the mainland. We had a session over the phone. He asked me what I wanted to know and if I had any questions. I said no and said that I simply wanted him to tell me what I needed to know. He did. It was a very insightful experience and I felt that he was truly special. We all go through stuff. Maybe even crazy stuff and may need insight to see things in a different perspective. He has helped us on our journey and we would like to share his healing abilities with you.

About Craig:
As a Psychic Medium living in the serene beauty of Hawaii, I’ve found harmony between the spiritual and physical worlds. Surrounded by lush landscapes and gentle ocean breezes I’ve cultivated a deep connection with Spirit, using my intuitive gifts to guide and deliver healing messages. My love for horses adds an extra layer of serenity to my life as a Psychic Medium. Together, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the whispers of the unseen I embrace a life of harmony guided by the gentle rhythms of the island and the wisdom of Spirit. Through my peaceful existence on this enchanting island, I’ve discovered a profound sense of purpose in assisting individuals on their journeys of self-discovery and enlightenment. Embracing the aloha spirit I weave love, compassion, and understanding into every reading, creating a sanctuary of insight for those who seek it.

As a special concession to our guests, Craig has agreed to do readings on site at The cliffs at Hakalau. For pricing and availability you may text or call Craig at (808) 895-3806

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