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Papakolea Green Sand Beach Hike


South Point Road, Naalehu, HI, USA

Papakolea Green Sand Beach Hike

There is only one way to get to this beach, hiking 2.5 miles. You will need to bring water and water shoes. Papakolea Beach is only one of four green sand beaches in the entire world. The waves and currents are pretty strong and swimming is not recommended. This beach is definitely worth the hike and once in a lifetime.

Take the road to ‘South Point’ between mile markers 69 and 70 on Hwy 11 (between Kona and Volcano Village), and drive to the small harbor at the end. On the left hand side there is a parking lot where you can park your car.
Walk from the parking lot to the ocean and take the road to the left (facing the water, towards the east). Follow this road with the ocean on your right hand for about 2 1/2 miles and you will get to the cliffs above the Green Sand Beach. Climb down carefully along the lava cliff on the west side of the bay.

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